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A cropped version of WH Edmunds map of Adelaide. SLSA C228/1

WH Edmunds: The magnificent mapmaker

The stories that make us.

The following saying has never been more true than for WH Edmunds. His maps are the jewels in the crown of the Map Collection of...

Magnetic reel tapes of the ABC radio show: From the Library Shelf.

From the Library Shelf

The stories that make us.

Did you attend school in the mid to late 1960s in South Australia? Chances are you might remember the radio program ‘From the Library Shelf’...

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Illuminated manuscript Paris 1500 Verso rbr122694675

The ruined medieval manuscript...

Fragmentarium is an international, online research laboratory for uploading digital copies of fragments from hand-written medieval books, known as manuscripts. This landmark project started at...

Fuscous Honeyeater. Ptilotis fuscus J. and E. Gould del. et lith. Plate number 44, volume IV, The birds of Australia, 1848. SLSA: rbri11743785/004/pl 44

From nature, to stone, to paper: Gould's birds of Australia

The stories that make us.

Do you love to catch a flash of bright colour when you hear a parrot above? Or perhaps you like to spy a little grey...

Art, design, fashion History
View the full advert here for some of the recipes for ‘sandwiches without butter! ‘Advertising’, The Australian Women’s Weekly, 5 May 1945, NLA: Trove article 4727255.

Everything old is new again

The stories that make us.

During World War One, the Bank of Thrift was set up on North Terrace to teach South Australians, including children, how to save and contribute...

A still from the tourism film, Adelaide and a taste of South Australia, 1985. SLSA: ZV 592

Days we’ll remember in South Australia: a brief history of tourism ads 

The stories that make us.

What better way to celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, than showcasing some film, video, and audio gems in the State Library’s collection. This year we are...

Telegraph Office located in King William St, Adelaide, circa 1872. SLSA: B 8026

How the Overland Telegraph Line changed journalism in South Australia

The stories that make us

The biggest changes brought about by the completion of the Overland Telegraph were within the newspaper industry. The ability to receive almost instantaneous news from...

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